Pray For Maluku, Distribution of Clean Drinking Waterfilters After The Earthquake by MFF

"For the longer term and purposeful"

TIFA Magazine, our independent Moluccan platform founded in 2012, has been participating in the Moluccan Future Foundation (MFF) since November 2019. Together with other Moluccan parties, TM contributed to the benefit gathering Doa Untuk Maluku in the RAI Amsterdam. This event took place on 30 November 2019 and was dedicated to the severe earthquake in the middle Moluccas in September 2019.

The first earthquake had a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale and was followed by 484 aftershocks. It also affected the surrounding islands of Haruku and Western Seram. As a precaution and fear of a tsunami, thousands of people had been evacuated and had sought higher areas. The damage to homes, buildings and infrastructure is enormous. There have been deaths and injuries in this natural disaster.

One of the affected villages was Tial on the island of Ambon. The village still had a lot to endure after the earthquake and help was still lacking. TIFA Magazine has submitted the village to MFF and advised the foundation in this and brought them in contact with representatives. TIFA Magazine has documented the work in Tial.

From 2021, MFF’s clean drinking water project has been running in the village of Tial on Ambon. In the meantime, MFF has already supplied clean drinking water to more than 2160 people.

*This project has been made possible thanks to the donation of the Municipality of Barneveld Foundation Batu Tjapeu “Moluccan Social and Cultural Center” and the Moluccan Evangelical Church “Ichtus” in Barneveld.

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