How Music Connects Us To Each Other

"Making a program with a musical and Moluccan touch that ultimately connects everything together"

In July 2021, TIFA Magazine produced the third edition of the talk show BETA DISINI for the Moluccan Historical Museum in the Netherlands.

Talita Angwarmasse and Gerson Oratmangoen were featured as presenters of the livestream talk show BETA DISINI x TIFA MAGAZINE. Both Talita and Gerson have individually built up a lot of experience within the Dutch but also in the foreign entertainment industry. Both considered it an “enormous honor”, to pay attention to the musical background of the Moluccan community.

We visited Vengaboys singer Kim Sasabone for an exclusive interview. And presenter Angela Timisela took the viewers on a musical timeline of the past 70 years. In which she talks about the most successful Moluccan artists from the Netherlands.

The unique thing was that they switched to Maluku, Jakarta and Papua to talk with Moluccan artists living abroad. The regular hosts of TIFA Magazine in Maluku are Grizzly Nahusuly and Ayu Jahumoto. They talked to some of the most popular artists from Ambon City of Music, about how music connects them.

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