Molukka Island Vibes

"Using Music, of Great Social Value"

Since 2009 we have been socially involved with the Moluccan youth in the Moluccas. Together with various talents, we have been engaged in producing and releasing songs and video clips related to Moluccan society and culture. Some of them have also been able to develop their music careers.

Music has different social functions, but also for each individual. Music involves listening, developing empathy, feeling and expressing emotions. Our projects aim to use Moluccan-spoken music in a socially involved way.

Both the music and its performers, the musicians, serve a social interest. Moluccan-spoken music with video clips should be committed to social goals such as connection, language and ensuring cultural grounding. But social problems are also discussed through our music productions.

Due to YouTube, social media and the arrival of streaming services, we released an online compilation album of various new generation Moluccan rappers and R&B singers from the Moluccas and the Netherlands in 2010. The album is named Molukka Island Vibes. A total of two albums were released in 2010 and 2011 which you can still download for free on

The featured artists include Ambonwhena, MHC (Molukka Hiphop Community), Arles Tita, 8Ball, Furiuz Stylez, Danjil Tuhumena, MutiaraTEC, Zein Panzer, Hany Pattikawa, Karibo and The Bakutumbu Clan.

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