Three Primary Schools Renovated With Donations From Elst

Our project in November and December 2022 which focused on three villages; Haruku-Sameth, Rohomoni on Haruku Island and Rambatu on Seram Island. Were affected by the massive earthquake in 2019.

Unfortunately, after the earthquake there was insufficient help to fix up the damaged primary schools. Mould, broken floors, roofs, ceilings and toilets, no lighting and cracks in the walls, you name it.

Within four weeks, our teams, together with the villagers, was able to renovate three primary schools with donations from Elst. Coming from both the Moluccan and Dutch communities, churches, the municipality and mayor of Overbetuwe. The documentary of this project will be online in March 2023.

This project was commissioned by the Moluccan district council of Elst.

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