Visit Ambon 2020

"Mari Basudara Samua! Visit Ambon, Pulang Kampong"

In 2020, kota Ambon celebrated its 445th anniversary. The Mayor and city government made a plea to all Moluccans worldwide to celebrate this together in the capital of the Moluccas. For the event “Visit Ambon 2020” at Maluku, TIFA Magazine acted as the official promoter/coordinator from the Netherlands. Under the umbrella organization name District 95, TIFA Magazine worked closely with the local organization in the Moluccas.

Due to the global coronavirus, the events of Visit Ambon 2020 could not take place. Many Moluccans had been looking forward to this. Moluccans from all over the world would return to the Moluccas that year as part of Visit Ambon 2020. In October, a major event was planned organized by TIFA Magazine, the ‘Ambon Fest Week’, featuring some of the biggest Moluccan artists. Where the international Moluccan community would go back to the islands and tourists could get acquainted with the culture and people on the main island of Ambon in a festive way.

“Even though the event did not take place, the impact of the concept and idea was no less”

The capital Ambon is inhabited by Moluccans from various Moluccan islands. That is why it was also taken into account that many Moluccans wanted to travel to other islands and their own villages as part of Visit Ambon 2020.

From Ambon you can easily travel to the other islands, that has a lot to offer and is rich in nature and culture. From the indigenous Alifurus on Seram, to the oldest clove tree on Ternate, the endemic species and crafts on Tanimbar, the long white beaches on Kei, the habitat of the Bird of Paradise on pulau Aru, Kalwedo in Maluku Barat Daya, the many bird species on Buru, Fort Duurstede on Saparua, the beautiful beaches on Haruku and the coral reefs at Banda Neira.


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