Tifa Meets MSG Secretariat in Ambon

Leonard Louma OBE (Director General MSG Secretariat), Ambonwhena Aratuaman (Chairman TMB), Christopher Waiwori (Senior Executive Advisor MSG Secretariat)

During our stay in Ambon in December 2022 we have also meet the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Secretariat from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Solomon Islands, the administrative headoffice of the MSG is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The MSG is one of three sub-regional groupings in the Pacific island region.

As its name suggests, it comprises the Melanesian countries of the South West Pacific, the ones closest to Australia. These countries comprise the vast majority of the population of the Pacific island region. Their economies, fuelled by resources, tourism and agriculture, are the most vibrant within the wider Pacific.

Its members are Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS).

Indonesia is an associated member, representing the five Melanesian Provinces of Indonesia: Maluku, Maluku Utara, NTT and Papua provinces. East Timor has an observer status, as well as the ULMWP.

TMB’s chairman Ambonwhena Aratuaman in the middle had an unofficial open conversation with them during a breakfast in the capital Ambon. Where he had the change to explain about Moluccan Islanders. And talked about the indigenous people, diversity of religion, the local uses today, cultural heritage in Maluku and their Melanesian roots.

He also told about the Moluccan community in the Netherlands and invited them to visit the Moluccan Day on Kwaku in Amsterdam. He explained that he uses several events and TIFA Magazine to promote Moluccan culture and music with always a Melanesian touch. The important drive is to bring Moluccans together, but also non-Moluccans to experience Maluku in both their traditional and modern culture lifestyle.

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