Ale Rasa Beta Rasa, mari sama-sama jaga kesehatan par katong pung bae

On Sunday the 28th of May, our social event took place in the Moluccas with the aim of increasing health awareness among the most vulnerable young people, reducing stigma and supporting those suffering from health problems.

This event is organized by TMB-Foundation in collaboration with JIP (Jaringan Indonesia Positif) with support from the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund). The Health Awareness Concert was held in the Ballroom of the Hotel Santika Premiere Ambon. From 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, people could attend the event for free. A press conference was held prior to the event. In addition to entertainment, the audience also received a free lunch box and drinks.

National and international UNFPA representatives were also present to address and meet the youth themselves. And guests like Dr. Lanny Luhukay, from the Ministry of Health of Indonesia and several other guests from the health care system in the Moluccas and Ambon City Government.

Contributing artists are known names from Maluku such as; Fresly Nikijuluw, Ona Hetharua and Beto Habibu. But also influencers like Eko Poceratu and rapper MR. E.

Videofootage can be seen on our socials.

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