Health Awareness Concert for Maluku with music and culture


On 28 May 2023 the event ‘Ale Rasa Beta Rasa, mari katong sama-sama jaga kesehatan par katong pung bae’ took place, with the theme of the future of the most vulnerable young people in Maluku. The event is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Government of Norway. From the UNFPA were present Ms. Anjali Sen, Representative of UNFPA Office Indonesia, Petar Mladenov of UNFPA Headquarters from New York and Sabrina Khan of UNFPA Pakistan.

Also present were Dr. Lanny Luhukay, from the Ministry of Health of Indonesia and several guests from the health care system in the Moluccas and Ambon City Government. And Chairman of Yayasan Tifa Melanesia Babunyi (TMB) Ambonwhena Aratuaman from the Netherlands.

This concert is intended to draw attention to the health of the most vulnerable young people in Maluku. Organized by TMB Foundation (Yayasan Tifa Melanesia Babunyi) in collaboration with JIP (Jaringan Indonesia Positif). In the afternoon hours there was a press conference where ten local and regional media were present.

The event was held at the Ballroom Hotel Santika Premiere Ambon. The hall with a total capacity of 450 people was filled to capacity. Among the visitors were many young people, but also parents with their children and various youth communities.

In addition to speeches by Anjali Sen (UNFPA), Meirinda Sebayang (JIP) and Lanny Luhukay (MoH), the Moluccan artists Ona Hetharua, Fresly Nikijuluw, MR E and Beto Habibu also contribute with a performance and a ‘Health Awareness’ message . Furthermore, Moluccan culture was also shown to the guests with traditional dances and clothing. A speech from Ayu Saraswaty UNFPA’s new champion. And video messages from poet and influencer Eko Poceratu and TMB advisor Maaike Schrieken-Hukom.


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