Woman’s empowerment and climate change awareness in Papua

The Tifa Melanesia Babunyi Foundation is committed to helping the most vulnerable and left-behind people in the Moluccas and West Papua. And also collaborates with other foundations and world organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). An awareness campaign in which topics such as sexual reproductive health, gender-related violence, gender equality and how […]

Wheelchairs and walking crutches for Tounwawan, Maluku Barat Daya

The Maluku Barat Daya (Southwest Moluccas) archipelago is closer to East Timor than Ambon and other central Moluccan islands. With our TMB Foundation we worked from the Netherlands and Ambon between September and October to get wheelchairs and walking crutches to the village of Tounwawan, the destination. For the elderly and those in need of […]

Health Awareness Concert for Maluku with music and culture

On 28 May 2023 the event ‘Ale Rasa Beta Rasa, mari katong sama-sama jaga kesehatan par katong pung bae’ took place, with the theme of the future of the most vulnerable young people in Maluku. The event is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Government of Norway. From the UNFPA were […]

Three Primary Schools Renovated With Donations From Elst

Our project in November and December 2022 which focused on three villages; Haruku-Sameth, Rohomoni on Haruku Island and Rambatu on Seram Island. Were affected by the massive earthquake in 2019. Unfortunately, after the earthquake there was insufficient help to fix up the damaged primary schools. Mould, broken floors, roofs, ceilings and toilets, no lighting and […]

How Music Connects Us To Each Other

In July 2021, TIFA Magazine produced the third edition of the talk show BETA DISINI for the Moluccan Historical Museum in the Netherlands. Talita Angwarmasse and Gerson Oratmangoen were featured as presenters of the livestream talk show BETA DISINI x TIFA MAGAZINE. Both Talita and Gerson have individually built up a lot of experience within […]

Visit Ambon 2020

In 2020, kota Ambon celebrated its 445th anniversary. The Mayor and city government made a plea to all Moluccans worldwide to celebrate this together in the capital of the Moluccas. For the event “Visit Ambon 2020” at Maluku, TIFA Magazine acted as the official promoter/coordinator from the Netherlands. Under the umbrella organization name District 95, […]

Pray For Maluku, Distribution of Clean Drinking Waterfilters After The Earthquake by MFF

TIFA Magazine, our independent Moluccan platform founded in 2012, has been participating in the Moluccan Future Foundation (MFF) since November 2019. Together with other Moluccan parties, TM contributed to the benefit gathering Doa Untuk Maluku in the RAI Amsterdam. This event took place on 30 November 2019 and was dedicated to the severe earthquake in […]

Molukka Island Vibes

Since 2009 we have been socially involved with the Moluccan youth in the Moluccas. Together with various talents, we have been engaged in producing and releasing songs and video clips related to Moluccan society and culture. Some of them have also been able to develop their music careers. Music has different social functions, but also […]